How To Make Awesome Comics

How To Make Awesome Comics

We all know that comics are awesome. But if there's one thing better than reading awesome's making your own!

Learn how to have AWESOME ideas, every time!

Learn how to turn your ideas into AMAZING STORIES!

Learn how to draw ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!

Join Professor Panels and Art Monkey as they show you everything you need to know to make your very own AWESOME comics!

"How To Make Awesome Comics does exactly what it says, exactly what it looks like it will do from that wonderful cover there; encourages those comics loving children to sit down and instantly get started making their own (absolutely, completely and totally) awesome comics." - Forbidden Planet International

"I can't wait to try out more of my new drawing tips and tricks...I'm sure How to Make Awesome Comics will be a big hit with children and teenagers, too - Well done, Neill Cameron!" - Wondrous Reads

"This new release would well serve any budding artists and storytellers and will keep idle hands and minds amused, absorbed and entertained for hours - Brilliantly colourful and with clear concise instructions covering the undeniable basics that every artist of any age needs to master, this book is an indispensable aid and a tremendously inspiring introduction for the aspiring Artist of Tomorrow." - Now Read This!